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Astrologer Gurudev is a lovely, kind, caring and Genuine Spiritualist & Specialised in Bring the love back. I was having lots of problems with my Boyfriend of 2 years. Astrologer Gurudev has the ability to make a person feel at convenience, also when a person doesn't really feel at ease with himself, Thank you.


Astrologer Gurudev is a noble man, who helped me in such a way that words are definitely not enough to thank him! Mr.Gurudev was my guide and my permanent business consultant who kept warning me of impending Dangers. Thank you


I was in love with my girlfriend for more than 3 years and when I proposed her, she refused it because of her parents pressure. Thanks to Astrologer Gurudev who helped me change the mind her parents. Today we are living a happy married life.


New Delhi
My business was going through losses in every direction and didn't know what to do. It had started to affect my health also. So I found Astrologer Gurudev and contacted him now my all business problem has been solved. Thanks to Astrologer Gurudev.


I was very upset for love inter caste marriage because my family are not allowing for inter-caste marriage. One of my friend suggested Astrologer Gurudev. Astrologer Gurudev solved my problem now, i am living happily with my life partner. Thanks to Astrologer Gurudev.


Thanks a lot to Astrologer Gurudev. I followed your Instructions Faithfully and Systematically & got Excellent Results in my Business.


My relationship ended with problems, went to Astrologer Gurudev, he used indian tantras, mantras and gave me few things and told me to use it, after using it i got my relationship back, and we are living together happily today.!!

Mohammad Noushad

Astrologer Gurudev has sympathetic mind and a beautiful love-filled heart that exudes compassion and understanding in every manner. I am very much happy, I met Astrologer Gurudev.


Astrologer Gurudev was so accurate in his Psychic readings and I can easily say that everything he said just kept coming true as it is. I was pleasantly surprised and also awed by the easy demeanour with which he guided me along. Trusting him was the most prudent decision of my life and I feel proud of it in every way!

Pramila. S

I got married in the Year 2015 and for 8 months I enjoyed my married life so much but when i was pregnant, I found that my husband is having an affair with another woman. That was not only shocking for me but also bad for my health in case of pregnancy. One of my friend referred me to Astrologer Gurudev for Vashikaran. Amazingly, within a few days of vashikaran I started seeing change in my husband's behavior, he started caring of me better than ever before and also totally stopped affair with that woman. Now, I am enjoying my married life.


I lost my girlfriend by some misunderstanding with each other after some time i realise it so I contacted to Astrologer Gurudev, I am very much thankful to him because after telling him, my problem was solved within 2 days, now me and my girlfriend lives together and very soon we are getting marriage.


"One year before we had consultation with Astrologer Gurudev along with our family members. Within a year we had many success and prosperity in both in business and in personal life. Thank God to made us to meet such a good astrologer."


Astrologer Gurudev has stunning knowledge about the science of Astrology. He patiently gave solutions to my queries and problems. He has a positive mind and a good heart. He is very good astrologer. His guidance is very useful for my career. He spoke friendly with us."


"Excellent guidance which helped me to get successful love marriage with parents blessings. My dreams came true in real life." "I got progress and prosperity in my life and career after consulting with Astrologer Gurudev.


Astrologer Gurudev's remedies are really very effective and you will see the effects within a short span of time. He is very nice person to talk to and will hear your problems and provide solutions appropriately. His consultations on Astrology are very perfect and produces good results to clients. I refer all my friends and family members towards Astrologer Gurudev.


Astrologer Gurudev is a positive speaker. I felt that he is good in Astrology by the way he was assessing the issue before we go about explaining the issues from our end. His remedial solutions are genuine and not very expensive. In a nutshell, he is simple and approachable as a astrology counsellor.


He is more a guide than a astrologer to us. With his guidance we have been able to face tough phases of life. A simple human with profound calming effect on troubled beings. I'd like to thank him for all his help and guidance. Good person among many money minded astro people. Valuable consultation and reasonable price. Astrologer Gurudev has been very open in his talks and discussions. I will definitely recommend him.


I was undergoing severe stress in Job. Gurudev advised me a remedy. I followed the remedy and immediately I got the good result. My hearty and sincere thanks to God and Gurudev Sir who helped and advised me to achieve the good benefit. I personally feel and appreciate Astrologer Gurudev is doing a great job. I always look out for a straight forward answer or predictions (whether it may be negative or positive one) from an astrologer.


I am very much satisfied on consulting, Astrologer Gurudev for my entire family members. We're so happy that someone listened to us so patiently and answersed all our questions with accurate Prediction and Remedies. He sees possibilities not problems. Astrologer Gurudev is a great human being to talk to and his knowledge on this subject seems vast. We will seek his advice in future also.


Once I acquainted with Gurudev, I realized that not only he was a very humble and kind but also a very patient listener who would advise me wisely, effectively. Even though he knew that my time was not right, his predictions, besides being spot on, were modest enough to deliver them to me in the righteous manner. After meeting him, I never felt the need of meeting any other astrologer.


I consulted for my daughter's career life. His predictions came true, my daughter got a good job. I will strongly recommend him. Predictions are accurate and pariharam is very simple and effective. I had some problems in my Job. I consulted Astrologer Gurudev and he advised me to do some remedies. I followed them and today I am able to enjoy the good benefits. My hearty and sincere thanks to God almighty and Astrologer Gurudev who guided me to achieve this. Accurate Predictions and reasonable fees.


When we came back to our home from our native place after festival holidays, we found something abnormal in our home, particularly during night, we were scared and don't know what to do, then through online we found astrologer gurudev, he explained the Existense of Evil Spirit in our home, he suggested the method how to remove that evil spirit from our home, within 2 days, we felt comfortable in our home. Now we sleep without any fear. I Thank Astrologer Gurudev a lot.


My career has gone in exactly same ways as per your prediction. I got onsite opportunity and Visa process is completed. After getting visa for me and my daughter. Your advices are always deep, useful, wonderful. I once more say thank you very much for teaching me good method.


I was running my business since the last 13 years. Suddenly since the past one year business ran into losses. It was on the verge of shutting down. A friend of mine recommended Astrologer Gurudev and his prayers. Even though I didn't believe in such things, I gave it a shot for the sake of my business. His solutions worked for me and how! Now my business is into more profits than earlier. Thank U Astrologer Gurudev.


New Zealand
I had major health issues since a very long period of time. Tried every form of medicine and finally gave up as nothing worked. When I heard of Astrologer Gurudev, I contacted him with all my faith. He offered me his simple solutions. I kept my faith in him and today I am absolutely fine. My health problem has been cured. With the decreasing pain, my faith in Astrologer Gurudev has increased. Thank you.


I am visited Astrologer Gurudev with my business problems with the hope that I can get an appropriate solution. Astrologer Gurudev understood my problems completely. I was in a complete mess and had been in a fix from all the tow sides. Today, my company has 5 branches, earlier it had only 2. I am so happy and so many thank you for the help. Whatever I do, I take the advice of Astrologer Gurudev.


New York
Me and my family were in a huge problem because of black magic issues. Astrologer Gurudev helped me to solve all my family issues in just a few days and that was just as a miracle to me. I recommend Astrologer Gurudev for solutions of your problem.


New Jersey
We were deeply in love but my girlfriend's parents were not agreeing for our marriage. We tried convincing them a lot and left no stone unturned, but nothing worked. Finally we contacted Astrologer Gurudev. His powers and prayers proved to be miraculous. Her parents agreed for our marriage and now we are happily married.


North Carolina
I am a 30 yrs old man. I started a business 2 years back. But there was no progress. Couldn't get any business. I talked to Astrologer Gurudev and told him my business problem. Within months I could see the change in my business. He brought me from closing down to making profits. Astrologer Gurudev, please keep showering your blessings on me.


I was having health issues. Doctors were unable to figure out as all the tests were normal. Emotional stress, no interest in life and job. Then I found Astrologer Gurudev and after thinking for almost 2 months, I called him. After mentioning my health problem to him, he gave me hope and said not to worry, you will be fine. He gave me distance healing over the phone(which i never believed in before meeting Astrologer Gurudev). To my surprise, I felt change in my health condition within minutes and felt better by the end of the day(could vary from person to person)and after 2 more healing sessions, My body and mind felt relieved. God Bless you all!!!


I am a doctor by profession, about an year ago, me and my lover got married. It was all good until few months of our marriage, then suddenly my hubby started loosing interest in our marriage as well as me, because he was attracted towards another woman. I couldn't concentrate on anything at all. Later, one of my colleague introduced me to Astrologer Gurudev. Astrologer Gurudev helped me with my professional life, simultaneously he worked on my hubby. My hubby started missing me, slowly when I was climbing the success in my professional life, likewise my hubby was getting attracted towards me. Love u Thank you.


My case was worst my married life was almost over I was so much worried. By the grace of God i found Astrologer Gurudev who changed my situation completly around. my wife almost left me who i loved more then myself. Today we are back togather happy and peacefull. Now she loves me a lot. We love each other. I have no words how to thank him.


I was in a relationship with a guy for more than 4 years, we were about to get married, All of a sudden he started avoiding me, I use to say sorry to save our relationship as I love him a lot, even then things were falling apart, Then I got to know that he has someone else in his life. I consulted Astrologer Gurudev, he gave me instructions to follow, I started doing it, suddenly I got a call from my guy, he spoke to me casually, it was really a miracle, then after some days he called and insisted on meeting, things started to fall in place slow and steady, I'm happy now that he is back in my life, he himself proposed me for marriage now, I am glad, I met Astrologer Gurudev.


I was searching for an Indian Tantrik online for getting my lost love back. My girlfriend left me because of some silly reasons. I heard earlier that Indian Tantriks are so powerful therefore I contacted Astrologer Gurudev. He Analyzed my details and thereafter suggested me to take help of a lost love vashikaran ritual. After some hesitation, I finally decided to proceed with the process of vashikaran because I was not able to sleep and work because of breakup. After 3 days of vashikaran my girlfriend sent me a message. I went to her and amazingly she started to understand me much better and somehow blindly started to believe me.


I work as a Engineer in a reputed company and i was in love with one of my colleague. Everything was going fine until I found that one guy is approaching her daily. I talked about this with my girlfriend but she didn't seem interested to talk about this. That day, I knew that something is definitely wrong or suspicious. I was searching for some spiritual solution to my problem and got the number of Astrologer Gurudev after searching a lot. Thank god, my decision was totally right. After getting vashikaran done on my girlfriend, she is now totally mine and never ever thinks of any other guy.


Many thanks to Astrologer Gurudev for getting rid of my enemies by stopping them to harm me. I am a Property dealer. I did a property deal but unfortunately, the deal got cancelled. The buyer and seller started to blame me for cancellation but there was no fault from my side. Many times they threatened me to harm me and my family in many ways. Finally, I decided to search for a Tantrik or Astrologer on the internet who could solve my problem. Luckily, I found Astrologer Gurudev and contacted him. He suggested me a tantrik solution and now my enemies are totally away from me.


Every person using this service will get their desired results for sure. Astrologer Gurudev, gives astrological services at his best, However Astrological results depend on a lot of factors and the results may vary person to person.